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The scene at around 3 p.m. felt like a mix between an on-location film shoot, a game show, and a Black Friday department store sale.Roger Federer 20 Grand Slam T-Shirt. Multiple NYPD cops hung around outside, keeping a close eye on things. A director operated a sky-high camera crane, capturing all the action for TelfarTV, the brand’s 24-hour broadcast channel, and IG Live. Masked dancers vogued and death-dropped while wearing pastel-hued bags, hats, and soon-to-come boots. TelfarTV hosts emceed the event with bombastic sass and gusto akin to Billy Porter on the ballroom drama Pose (“We are low on the medium chocolate and black bags,” one shouted out later that afternoon. “Don’t say I didn’t tell you!”) Then, the doors opened, an hour earlier than planned due to the swelling crowd. Beautiful chaos ensued.Near the front of the line, Zoey, a recent college grad and aspiring fashion designer, stood with her mother. “I personally don’t own a Telfar, and a lot of my friends have for the last couple of years,” she said, speaking over the music and buzzing crowd. “And I just struggled with getting it online. I was like, okay, this is the perfect opportunity. I didn’t have work today. So, I just pushed all my responsibilities out of the way.” She had been waiting for four hours and planned to purchase a medium painter’s blue bag for herself and a medium azalea bag for her neighbor.

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Roger Federer 20 Grand Slam T-Shirt

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