Boomidiadeal – Welcome Khalil Mack Los Angeles Chargers Classic T-Shirt

Eiderdowns and pajamas in “granny florals“ turned up as frilled-edge comfort-blanket stoles draped stylishly around the shoulders of pretty blue-and-white flower-sprigged total looks. Trust Martine Rose to give an accurate commentary on where we are. Her ability to do that, while shifting the dial on what’s cool—usually well ahead of the pack—is exactly what makes her a legend among followers. A footnote on that: When fans zoom in on these pictures, they’ll see the future in the bulb-toe dress shoes she’s pioneering with this collection. They’re a sly but definite step away from her square-toe shoes, Welcome Khalil Mack Los Angeles Chargers Classic T-Shirt, which From the whole of menswear fashion a while back. Where the great Martine Rose leads, the rest follow.

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