Chanel’s first-ever perfume inspired jewellery

The brand pay tribute to its iconic fragrances including the legendary Chanel N°5

For the first time in its history, Chanel has launched a collection of high-end jewelry inspired by its fragrances, namely the iconic Chanel N°5. This line is inspired by different aspects of the brand’s rich heritage in perfumes with jewelry honoring every ingredient associated with Chanel Rug fragrances.

For example, the stopper is shown in many different sections, including bubbly stopper bracelets that stand out in white gold, gold, diamonds, royal topaz and cultured pearls. The pieces in the line are crafted from stone crystals or studded with diamonds, brain codes, pearls and yellow jade, which, on the whole, represents the beginning of a magical world of the N°5.

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Other inspirations are the geometric silhouette of the bottle, which can be seen through the contours of white diamonds, yellow diamonds and yellow jade on sautoir necklaces, brooches and pendant earrings. For example, the brooch installed on the Signature N° 5 Bottle of yellow gold, white gold, yellow jade and diamonds, is a sign that the N°5 perfume bottle is famous.

The new range also takes inspiration from the outline of the number ‘5’. Take the Lucky N°5 necklace in yellow gold, diamonds, yellow sapphires and garnets, it harks back to the glamour the brand evokes. In XL version, the Eternal N°5 necklace from the collection, meanwhile, can be worn as a choker, as well as a brooch.

Naturally, a tribute to one of the most iconic perfumes would be incomplete without a nod to the heart of the fragrance. The collection includes pieces that evoke Ylang Ylang, Grasse Jasmine and May Rose. One of the pieces that have resulted from this inspiration is the Absolu N°5 plastron set with a multitude of diamonds. A 5-carat diamond highlighting the central motif can also be worn as a brooch.

Finally, to evoke the olfactive legend that the N°5 perfume has become, the brand conceived abstract motifs that “drape over the body like perfume”. There is the Golden Burst necklace and Blushing Sillage jewellery set in diamonds, rubies, garnets, yellow sapphires and pink and red spinels. On the monochrome side the star-shaped Diamond Sillage necklace features a 10-carat flawless stone.

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