Drone Ingeniously Engineered To Look Like Snoopy Flying Around on His Doghouse

What if you were out for a walk and saw Snoopy flying past on his bright red dog house? It’d be a pretty impressive sight, but one that’s not out of the ordinary if you’re Otto Dieffenbach of Flyguy Promotions. For the past 10 years, he’s incorporated robotics and lightweight materials to create flying images and videos that tell a story. An iconic figure like Snoopy is just one of his quadcopter creations that have been engineered to glide through the sky like magic.

By whizzing around, the airborne Snoopy Christmas Socks is a conversation starter that doubles as a form of guerilla marketing. Dieffenbach refers to it and his other designs as “Identifiable Flying Objects” (IFOs) that are tailored to each of his client’s needs and concepts. From there, Flyguy Promotions builds out their IFOs to be totally safe when in the air; there are no exposed moving parts, and these lightweight objects are slow-moving like an electric-powered kite.

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Although Dieffenbach works with big companies like Disney, Google, and the BBC; there are kits available for you to build for yourself. Flyguy and Witch kits are available through the Flyguy Promotions website.

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For other IFOs (such as Snoopy), you can often find instructions, cut-out kits, and build logs on RCGroups.com and through Hoosier Cutout Service.

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Otto Dieffenbach of Flyguy Promotions incorporates robotics and lightweight materials to create flying characters that glide through the sky.

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