Jos Verstappen is sure: ‘I don’t have to teach Max anything anymore’

For Jos Verstappen, the world title for his son was a great climax to many years of hard work. Verstappen senior and junior travelled hundreds of thousands of kilometres to gain experience, all with one goal in mind: the Formula One world title.

Past time

Max Verstappen is still getting better, everyone agrees on that. Whether his father can still help Jos in his development was a question that senior David Coulthard asked. ” I don’t think I have to teach him anything,” Jos says in a video for sponsor CarNext. “I’ve done all that in the past.”

During the conversation, Jos Verstappen looks back on the many trips, crisscrossing Europe, to cart Max around. Jos tells how Max constantly asked questions, in the back of the van that took them from place to place. Constantly. “I sometimes said: ‘Max, shut up now’.” Jos has to laugh about it now.

Small things

You are never done learning, according to Max Verstappen himself. Huge gains in certain areas, he says he will not find again. The coming years will be about refining what he already knows and does. “It’s little things,” says Max Verstappen. “Things with which I can influence the weekend a little bit. How can I prepare myself better? How can I understand the balance of the car better? You always look at things like that, and you learn from previous experiences.”

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