Kaiteez – Yes I Am Old But I Saw The Grateful Dead Bear On Stage Grateful Dead Halloween T-Shirt

When the multidisciplinary artist and archivist Guadalupe Rosales was 15, her parents threw her a quinceañera in the backyard of their East L.A. home. They had saved up for the event, and so she dutifully donned a white dress with silver flowers and danced with her chambelanes. Yes I Am Old But I Saw The Grateful Dead Bear On Stage Grateful Dead Halloween T-Shirt.For Rosales, who now identifies as queer, it wasn’t quite right (though she said things got a little better when she got to change into a metallic “Deee-Lite-style” minidress). And so this past week, on a warm September night in northeast Los Angeles, she threw her version of a “queer quinceañera” for friends, family, and artists in her community—a quince for queer men who might have loved to have one, for queer women who might have felt itchy in a princess dress, and for anyone else who missed out on feeling celebrated as a teen.As someone who’s out and who has been out with my family, a lot of my friends are also out to their families, and that doesn’t mean that it’s been easy for us,” she said. “I feel like we’re constantly coming out to our families. So I wanted to honor that [challenge] and also bring my family, who has been very supportive of me, together with my queer friends. I guess it’s this hybrid space.”While Rosales currently has work on display at the Whitney Biennial and a solo show dedicated to lowrider culture at the Dallas Museum of Art, she is primarily known as an archivist of Chicano culture. Her wildly popular Instagram accounts, , ’90s, and early 2000s Los Angeles, described as “reframing our past by sharing our stories for better futures.” Map Pointz focuses on L.A.’s underground party scene, while Veteranas and Rucas is dedicated to the Chicana women of California, a subculture that is oft imitated and yet rarely properly revered. The page features countless figures with immaculate style: skinny eyebrows, baggy jeans, teased hair, perfect eyeliner. All are rendered on lush film, whether in a family snapshot or a glamour portrait from the mall. Rosales shares a story along with each submission, painting a full picture of her subjects.

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Yes I Am Old But I Saw The Grateful Dead Bear On Stage Grateful Dead Halloween T-Shirt

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