NASA Explains Why Snoopy is Heading Back into Space On The Artemis

Snoopy debuted in a Peanuts Snoopy comic back in 1950 and over the years he has gained a lot of popularity and become a huge part of popular culture. About a decade after NASA was founded in 1958, the space agency and the people behind the famous beagle began a collaboration that holds fast still to this day.

Snoopy has been to space before, back in Snoopy Christmas Socks 1990 and now he will be heading back on NASA’s Artemis I (a next-generation SLS (Space Launch System) rocket) as a part of its first flight mission.

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NASA’s Collaboration with Snoopy
NASA Explains Why Snoopy is Heading Back into Space On The Artemis
The Collaboration between the space agency and the beloved cartoon beagles dates back to the days of the Apollo program. Snoopy’s likeness was even used for the Silver Snoopy award, which has been given to the agency’s employees and contractors by astronauts as a way to celebrate achievements that relate to successful space missions and human flight safety.

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It was started in the hopes that the cartoon’s involvement at the space agency would spark children’s interest in NASA and what they were doing. The idea was that this would eventually lead to kids wanting to pursue science or engineering and become the explorers of the future.

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Why is Snoopy Heading to Space
In every rocket that has had a crew capsule, there has been a zero-g indicator (which has usually been a soft toy brought onto the rocket by a member of the crew), which is used as a way to signal to astronauts that they have left the earth’s atmosphere and will now experience weightlessness.

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