Outer Range TV Show: Is It Worth Looking Forward To?

Outer Range TV show in the same color as Yellow Stone with a western setting and sci-fi elements. Although Sci-fi and westerns are not two genres that can go together. But if you look at what Yellow Stone or Westworld have done, these two genres combine to create compelling horror films. So is Outer Ranger – a new Amazon Prime Video series combining the two dramas with some real family turmoil and a murder cover-up worth looking forward to?


Outer Range TV Show - tell us the story of A rancher fighting for his land and family, who discovers an unfathomable mystery at the edge of Wyoming's wilderness.
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Outer Range TV show features Royal (Josh Brolin), a rancher struggling for his property and family, as he uncovers an enigma on the outskirts of Wyoming’s wildness – a hole with no bottom. Like most paranormal discoveries, the secret hole throws Royal, his family, and the rest of the community off with its potential and perils.

Autumn (Imogen Poots), a wanderer who asks Royal if she may camp on his estate and knows more about the hole than she lets on, is one of the others. The film also mentions symbols that are repeated many times (this symbol is like the letter A in the name of the movie), is this a clue that can help solve the mystery?

Outer Range TV Show -  The film also mentions symbols that are repeated many times (this symbol is like the letter A in the name of the movie), is this a clue that can help solve the mystery?
The Symbol

We can see that this is a TV series of the Mystery Box Show genre, it’s a show you toy with as it toys with you. You will slowly open each box there will be another smaller box inside like looking for answers to questions, questions often lead us to more questions.

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If there are other series in the same genre as Lost, most are on broadcast television and last 22 episodes, and there will be some episodes that are not suitable to get answers quickly. With Outer Range TV show, we will only have 8 episodes for season 1 and you think the questions will be answered quickly. But after the first 2 episodes, I don’t understand what’s going on and true to the genre, the answers generate more questions. The division of the film into 2 parts may be an intention of the director.

Outer Range is oriented as a cross-generational family drama that is heavy and a series of supernatural mysteries. The first two episodes were slow and boring. There are a lot of scenes in the dark, but the characters feel lost in the scenes.

From the very first episode, the series exudes weight as it tries to maintain the mystery. When Autumn is introduced she looks a little strange, but when she says she can buy the farm back from Royal, then becomes confused when she catches him dumping Trevor in a mysterious hole.

In fact, the entire enigma lacks credibility. Royal is a gruff person who doesn’t let problems affect his family. But he found the hole, he put his arm in it, tried to cover it up.. then decided to use it to cover up his son’s manslaughter. Will this event coincide with the arrival of Autumn? There’s a lot going on with Royal, he’s really down.

We will answer together in the next episodes of this series. Waiting for emotional breakthroughs, solving unfinished mysteries.

Our Call: If you are curious, you can watch this movie. But if you don’t like a movie that’s too slow, this Outer Range TV show isn’t for you.

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