Peanuts Adventure, Honolulu: New Snoopy and Charlie Brown attraction

“Search for Snoopy, a Peanuts Adventure” is an interactive, “immersive” attraction that takes visitors into eight neighbourhoods where characters including Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Peppermint Patti, Schroeder and of course Snoopy like to hang out.

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The Honolulu event marks the world launch of the attraction created by Kilburn Live, whose suite of immersive children’s shows includes “World of Barbie.”

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Hawaii and Snoopy have had a relationship for years; there are three Snoopy shops in Oahu, while Japan – the biggest international tourist market – is Snoopy-mad with a Peanuts Hotel in Kobe and Snoopy Museum in Tokyo.

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On entering the attractions kids are greeted by the life-size hound who dispenses hugs before they head off to explore a world of super-saturated colour, filled with props and games.

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Fans of the comic strip, created by Charles M Schulz in 1950, know that Snoopy has several alter-egos. One room is dedicated to Snoopy the detective, while the mementos of his life as a pirate, astronaut and WWI flying ace are dotted about the rooms.

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One of the most popular spaces has a fluorescent dance floor where kids can groove away under a disco ball following dance moves projected on a video screen; another is Schroeder’s studio where a toy red piano takes pride of place under a portrait of his hero, Beethoven.

In another neighbourhood children can fish for pumpkins with a hook – a nod to Linus’s obsession with the Great Pumpkin he believes will rise at midnight on Halloween, while in a brightly-lit classroom Peppermint Patti is sound asleep at her desk.

While the little ones play with the toys, parents – or adults without kids in tow – can read the cartoons lining the walls. Schulz’s output was immense; he penned 17,897 comic strips during his 50-year career.

And those who love a challenge can follow a series of clues, assisted by an App if they wish, to help Charlie Brown find his beloved beagle. See

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