Penelope Cruz Fine Nothing More Than Fine In Chanel What Else October

Exactly what the Fug Girls said – Penelope Cruz in Chanel. It’s fine. But it’s nothing more than fine. It’s forgettable. And that’s not usually a word associated with this brand but Penelope and Margot Robbie in Chanel is never all that memorable. Is it the Chanel Blanket giving them the boring options or are they and their stylists picking the boring options? (Go Fug Yourself)

A big plastic duck is floating loose and that means exactly what it says – the duck was free sailing and I wish we could see this just bobbing around on the lake by my place because our dogs would freak the f-ck out. This is hilarious and joyful for humans; it’s a nightmare for our beagles who are the first to clock anything unusual in their surroundings. Which is why Halloween is so horrible for them. Everything on the block is weird and scary. (Dlisted)

I’ve not yet watched this week’s Halloween episode of Saturday Night Live because…well… Jack Harlow and Halloween aren’t my kink but Tom Hanks made an appearance which means it’s already considered one of the best of the year. (Pajiba)

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Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk went to some parties together and now people are speculating whether or not they’re back together. I mean anything is possible but, I dunno, this is giving best friend energy to me. (Cele|bitchy)

Vogue says that cowboys and bunnies are on trend this season and we’re seeing them out here all over these streets. (Vogue)

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