Tommy Wiseau, star of The Room, has released the trailer for his next film, Big Shark.

Tommy Wiseau, the man behind the 2003 cult masterpiece The Room, has released the trailer for his new film, Big Shark, which you can see below. And don’t worry, it appears like Wiseau’s latest will be worthy of the Criterion Collection.

According to Variety, the film’s premise is very self-explanatory. There’s a really, really huge shark in New Orleans, and it’s wreaking havoc. It’s now up to a trio of firefighters — Georgie, Patrick, and Tim — to stop the shark before it completely destroys the city.

True Wiseau fans knew this film was coming, but the new teaser is the first time most of us have seen the magnificent beast. The first look at Big Shark, which appeared exclusively on Variety on Thursday, has already been shown to audiences at The Room theatrical screenings in recent months.

Wiseau co-stars in Big Shark with Isaiah LaBorde and Mark Valeriano, and he also serves as the film’s sole director and writer. The film will be released on April 2nd, with a premiere screening at Cinema 21 in Portland, Oregon, followed by additional screenings throughout the month. Wiseau is also expected to attend this initial round of “Pre Premiere” screenings.

The Room, Wiseau’s debut feature, is a magnum opus of the so-bad-it’s-good (or maybe simply incredibly bad) type of filmmaking. Wiseau stars as Johnny, a prosperous banker in San Francisco, in the love romance. When Johnny’s fiancée, Lisa, becomes bored with him, she plans to seduce his closest buddy, Mark.

Despite being dubbed “one of the worst movies ever made,” Wiseau, who wrote, directed, and produced the film, has continued to support and promote it. In fact, he still does Q&As at specialized screenings across the country and sells goods on his official website.

Greg Sestero, who also acts in The Room, authored a book called The Disaster Artist in 2013 about his experiences with Wiseau and the filming of The Room. In 2017, actor/director James Franco adapted the novel into a feature film, earning an Oscar nomination for best adapted screenplay.