Top 10 Moon Knight Quotes

Moon Knight is a legendary Marvel Comics superhero that originally appeared in Werewolf by Night #32 in 1975. For decades, readers were intrigued by Moon Knight’s dual nature of doing good and being deranged and destructive. MCU fans will also get a taste of the Fist of Khonshi with the release of the Moon Knight TV series on March 30, 2022. 

Moon Knight Quotes -  Moon Knight is a very interesting character, and his quotes really make an impression on readers
Moon Knight

We’ve already seen several fantastic statements in the teaser, which provide insight into the characters’ psyches and the general tone of the series. Here are a top 10 of the finest Moon Knight quotes from the comics over the years to get you excited about the program.

Moon Knight Quotes

Moon Knight Quotes -  Moon Knight is a very interesting character, and his quotes really make an impression on readers
Moon Knight In Comic

“Mercenary Marc Spector died in Egypt, under the statue of the ancient deity Khonshu. He returned to life in the shadow of the moon god and wore his aspect to fight crime for his own redemption. He went completely insane, and disappeared. This is what happened next.”

This remark expands on what occurred to Marc Spector in Egypt while on a mercenary job. Mister Knight is a personality that manifested itself when Moon Knight lost his mind. It may be said that it was his new method of coping. Given how Mister Knight is my favorite Moon Knight character, I’d think it was a success!

“I dress up as an obscure moon-god and strike fear in the hearts of men. Did you really think I was normal? Do you really think that any of us… any of the costumes are normal? We’re all crazy. But we’re the exact kind of crazy the world needs. The exact kind.”

Moon Knight Quotes, How do you fight someone that no one knows? Moon Knight is out for blood and hits the streets armed only with a name, but he soon finds out that in the twilight half-world of NYC super villainy, sometimes the streets hit back. And while he's fighting his way through the super-crime underworld, he'd better watch his back..
Moon Knight #7

This Moon Knight quotes from Moon Knight #7 was exchanged between Marc Spector and Buck Lime. Buck commented on Moon Knight’s craziness, to which he reacted with the phrase. You have to be insane to put on a costume and go out every night or day and put your life on the line for the greater cause. Some heroes are crazier than the others, but as Moon Knight highlighted, they are the type of craziness that the world requires.

“I’m a ghost now…a specter of the moon…the moon’s knight of vengeance—and I got work to do.”

This quotation is from Moon Knight Vol. 1 #1, the first Moon Knight stand-alone comic ever published. Marc understood he had died and been resurrected owing to Khonshu. He now swears to perform the moon god’s bidding and become a knight of revenge against everyone who deserves to be punished.

“This is not by chance. Not killing this man is not random. This is years of training. Years of practice. Mountains of self-restraint. If this man lives to see tomorrow…it is because I allow him. Because that is the kind of man I am.”

Nobody knows exactly what Moon Knight is capable of. No one, not even Moon Knight. He once beat the Avengers by himself. That is all you need to know to grasp the significance of this phrase.

If Moon Knight wants you dead, you’re done for, no matter who you are. He’ll walk through a hail of gunfire simply to get to you and sever your head. That’s who he is and always will be.

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“I — I’ve been sick my whole life. And I’ve felt ashamed of that. I tried to hide it. I think that’s what the mask really was. Another way to hide. But I don’t want to hide anymore. I don’t want to be ashamed anymore. I just want to be me.”

This Moon Knight quotes appeared in Moon Knight Vol. 8 #9 and is perhaps my fave Moon Knight quotation of all time since it conveys a much deeper message.

Moon Knight Quotes - The confusing nature of this volume is a result of therapy Marc underwent at Mercy Hospital for the Mentally Ill to come to terms with his dissociative identity disorder, intertwined with Ennead-induced illusions and his own delusions.
Moon Knight Vol. 8 #9

Despite all of our progress as a society, mental health is still taboo, and people with mental illnesses are seen as outcasts. Marc Spector has struggled with mental illness his whole life, and he feels embarrassed of himself – as if it is his fault. Is it a man’s fault if he falls to the ground and injures his knee?

People with mental disorders will have to conceal it until we recognize that mental health is just as real and serious as physical health unless we recognize that mental health is just as real and severe as physical health.

“I’ve died before. It was boring, so I stood up.”

This epic Moon Knight quotes appeared in Moon Knight #1, 2014, when we met Mister Knight, another Moon Knight personality who often wore an all-white costume and mask with a moon sign on his forehead.

Moon Knight Quotes -  Moon Knight is a very interesting character, and his quotes really make an impression on readers
Moon Knight

The quote in question is him discussing his origins. It’s a quick explanation, but he covers all you need to know. Marc Spector died beneath the statue of Khonshu, an Egyptian deity. Marc was revived by the ancient deity, who bestowed upon him the incredible powers of the Moon Knight while also inflicting his mental condition.

“I am vengeance! I am justice! I am Marc Spector! I am Steven Grant! I’m Jake Lockley! I am—hoping that my meds kick in so that I am only one person at a time!”

When you’re Moon Knight, having several personas serves a purpose — each personality has distinct skills and powers that allow Moon Knight be the vigilante he is. However, if the different personas are always fighting for control, he will have a difficult time.

When I first saw this amazing phrase, it made me laugh so hard since it precisely summarized Moon Knight’s main problem.

“I became Moon Knight to battle evil wherever I could find it. And I never had to look farther than the darkness inside my own heart.”

Moon Knight Quotes - When a police officer who is prejudiced against superheroes dies on a case, his son turns to the one superhero his father hated most to find his killer: the Macabre Moon Knight
Moon Knight Vol. 1 #16

Moon Knight does everything he can to combat crime, evil, and corruption. However, he is aware that there is darkness within him as well. Anger, wrath, violence – it’s all a part of who he is, and even though he tries to do as much good as he can, Spector still feels the darkness inside him. The Moon Knight quotes comes from Moon Knight Vol. 1 #16 by Marc Spector.

“People want to know. How can I live like this? The risks? The blood I’ve spilled? The times I’ve descended into madness? The times I’ve died? Hell… How can I live like this? How could I live any other way?”

This remark from Moon Knight Vol. 5 #1 accurately summarizes Moon Knight’s personality. People continue to wonder how he is able to do what he does – the violence, hatred, and wrath. Marc is aware that he is now leaking blood, but he does so on purpose.

He’d done a lot of things wrong before becoming Moon Knight. He now sees his new existence as an opportunity for atonement. Instead of fleeing his dark, Spector embraces it.

“I’m not one of those super heroes who won’t straight-up kill you, Bushman.”

Bushman is the one who got Marc Spector to become Moon Knight in the first place. When the two met again, Spector had no qualms about telling his former associate what was going to happen next.

Moon Knight Quotes - Moon Knight is an American television miniseries created by Jeremy Slater for the streaming service Disney+, based on the Marvel Comics featuring the character of the same name.
New Moon Knight Movie

Moon Knight isn’t your average superhero. He has a profound depth of the darkness within him, and he is not afraid of it. If he believes you deserve to die, he will not hesitate to murder you.