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Water is one of the most common types in Pokémon. Some Water-Type Pocket Monsters only have this typing and can be very powerful in battle.

Water abounds in the Pokémon world, and many Water-type creatures exist in this world. The majority of this population also has a second typing, but some Pocket Monsters have only one, making up these Pure Water patterns. They range from unimpressive to powerful. One way to measure a Pokémon’s viability is through how it performs in the main games of the series. contains available stats, abilities, moves, etc. of this Pokémon, which helps when assessing their strength.

TOP 5 Strongest Water Type Pokemon

1. Primal Kyogre

Like Blastoise, Kyogre was already very powerful before acquiring a new form, the Legendary box art for Pokémon Sapphire. However, with the advent of Primal Reversion, it became almost unstoppable. Its only real drawback is Defense, which is still not bad. Primal Kyogre’s attack stats are unreasonably strong, and with its Primal Sea ability, heavy rain falls on the battlefield, boosting its Water attacks even more. No enemy wants to find themselves on the path of Primal Kyogre, because this Legendary can destroy teams with ease.

2. Mega Blastoise

In essence, Blastoise is one of the better final evolutions of water-type Pokémon. As such, it would rank as one of the strongest Pure Waters in the franchise. With Mega Evolution, however, this Pokémon surpasses the majority of Water types. Mega Blastoise keeps its defense stats high and even gives them a little boost, even though its HP and Speed stay the same. It really shines with a huge increase in Special Attack. Its Mega Launcher ability increases the power of Aura and Pulse moves, making Water Pulse not only more alive, but deadly.

3. Suicune

With an interesting stat spread, Suicune can face some difficulties. Its stats are structured to make it more like a tank, focusing more on defense and HP. While these stats are definitely higher, they’re not high enough to deal excessive damage the way other tanks can. By Legendary standards, they weren’t too impressive. It also doesn’t have easy access to many Special Moves, which is its specialty. Even so, Suicune is still a Legend, so it can take down many non-Legendary enemies without major trouble.

4. Manaphy

For Legendary Pokémon, Manaphy isn’t that great. Its stats are all quite high, but they are exactly the same. This makes it impossible to excel in any department. With a limited number of powerful moves, Manaphy lags behind many other members in its classification. However, being a Myth, it is stronger than most other Pure Waters.

5. Milotic

With a high total base stats and the ability to access several moves, Milotic is one of the strongest Pokémon from the Hoenn region. While its Attack stat is disappointing, it throws its attack power at its Special Attack. While this stat isn’t groundbreaking, it can be devastating when combined with the large numbers and defensive stats of a Pokémon. The opponent usually takes many turns to defeat Milotic, and it can attack many times before fainting. During the evolution of the extremely weak Feebas, Milotic shows that not everything is as it appears at once.

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