Where is Miquella

Elden Ring revolves around the demigods and their involvement in the destruction of the Elden Circle. They stand out among them the employerswhich are those born directly from a god and pointed by the two fingers to become a god. At the time we play, there is three employers: Ranni (although he no longer enjoys the favor of the Two Fingers), Malenia and Miquella.

Ranni can fulfill her destiny, while Malenia, Miquella’s sword, awaits us in the form of the final boss. Nevertheless, Where is Miquella, her twin?

Where to find Miquela

Miquella is in the game, and it is possible to reach the. All you have to do is get to Mohgwyn’s Palace. Right at the end, you will meet Mogh, Lord of the Blood, who makes it clear to you that what you see in the background is Miquella…or what’s left of it.

The location, to clear any doubt, is called Chrysalis of Empreoso clearer, water.

Why is Miquella here?

Here we enter speculations of lorewith most of them based on conversations with NPCs and item descriptions. The clearest and most direct information is that Mohg kidnapped Miquella to turn him into a god and, “joining his blood” with that of the employer, to re-gloss the line of Mohgwyn. What they mean by “binding the blood” is more debatable, although it does not appear to have sexual connotations.

Miquella was cursed with an eternal childhood, so seeing such a large hand come out of the chrysalis is strange. The point is that Miquella overcame the curse imposed by enclosing herself in a chrysalis, which she combined with the Hieratic Tree. Hence, when we go to fight with Malenia, there seems to be a humanoid silhouette on the wall in the area: Mohg kidnapped Miquella in her chrysalispreventing or, at the very least, indefinitely delaying the maturation process.

miquella is aliveas Sir Gideon Ofnir makes clear, but in a comatose state, something that in his opinion is the best situation. Gideon thinks that, due to her powers, if Miquella wakes up things will get dangerous. Miquella is able to bend the will of others, including the demigods. This is why, in some descriptions, he is considered to be the most dangerous demigod of all. It is, moreover, able to remove curses from Outer Godsthe highest ranking divine entity in the universe of Elden Ring.

Appear Miquella in the future?

Miquella is not available as an NPC or enemy at the moment. However, it is possible that it will appear in future content expansions, updates, DLCs, expansions… If we take into account that, except for Demon’s Souls (and its remake) and Sekiro, all Souls have had DLCs and expansions that they used the existing lore to give more content, seems like one of the most plausible possibilities.