Why is Harry Potter’s Family So Rich?

Ever got jealous of that bank account?

The Harry Potter universe is surrounded by mysteries, but one of the most pressing issues is how on Earth was Harry such a lucky boy to just casually inherit this much money?

There’s no way you didn’t feel jealous when you saw Harry standing in Gringotts in the room that was literally full of gold. At that point, Hagrid only told him that Harry’s parents made sure he would not be left without money.

But how exactly did they do that? Well, it turns out that the Potter family actually has some history to explain that.

According to Wizarding World website, the Potters have always “contented [themselves] with a solid and comfortable existence in the backwaters”, not getting at the forefront of magical history… well, before Harry James Potter was born, of course. Before that, the family preferred to keep and enhance their fortune by making potions. Harry Potter’s ancestors developed such potions as Pepperup Potion and Skele-gro (yep, that exact potion that Harry himself had to drink to make up for Professor Lockhart’s failed attempt at healing his broken arm).

James’ dad Fleamont Potter invented the Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion — something that quadrupled the family gold just on time for his grandson to inherit the money.

Aside from the fact that today’s Harry Potter Throw Blanket fans scoff at Harry as a “rich white boy”, there is a couple of pretty ironic things about the origin of his family’s gold.

Another one noted that it’s weird that Harry himself was never too outstanding when it came to potions (except from when he used the book full of Severus Snape’s handy recommendations).

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But who needs to excel at potions when your ancestors already did it for you, right? After all, Harry had plenty of stuff to deal with due to being the Chosen One and battling Lord Voldermort.

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