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Virginie Viard picked up that thread for fall and tweed was at the heart of her new collection. Because we were in the countryside, she used it on multi-pocket hunting jackets and coats that incorporated downy-looking fleece and for slightly oversized men’s jackets of the sort Chanel lifted from her lover the Duke of Westminster. In photos taken at his lodge in Lochmore and on the terrace at his Eaton Hall country house she wears his borrowed clothes and rubber boots. Daniel Band Running Out Of Time T-shirt, Viard conjured that weekend getaway spirit with colorful thick-ribbed tights and rubber Wellies or thigh-high waders stamped with the famous interlocking double Cs. “There’s nothing sexier than wearing the clothes of the person you love. I’m fascinated by this ever-contemporary gesture,” she said in her press statement.

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Daniel Band Running Out Of Time T-shirt

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